C H A N T A Y  X  P O P  A R T

Chantay x Pop art continued by Kara Walker inspired work uses poses from Edgar Degas' "After bath series" to explore different eras within art and the impact that colours can have on influencing themes and audiences opinions.
The black silhouettes on both coloured and white backgrounds continue if not further explore a political aspect to the work simmilar to revelation. 
 Ultimately this page allows the viewers an insight into the experimental stages and mindset of the artist.


Scrap book / Experiments

An insight into some of my experimental work

This selection of work is inspired by my research and interest in Kara walkers selection of work 'Born 1969' which consists of a series of silhouettes exploring racism, gender, sexuality and identity; similar themes I carry within my work.

''Challenging and highlighting abusive power dynamics in our culture is my goal; replicating them is not.''

© 2020 by Chantay James