About the artist

Chantay James is a 23 year old post graduate artist who studied Fine art at the university of Hertfordshire, Hatfield.
Whilst studying, she experimented with several different. mediums ranging from painting, sculpture, performance and digital art. Within her final year at university she began working on her project 'revelation' which uses digital art to blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation and the critical portrayal of women, amongst the lack of black female acknowledgment within wester art. She also Won runner up for best solo artist at Trumans brewery - Free range for this project which showcased in July 2019.

Her passion stems from​ her interest in black feminism and studying intersectional feminism whilst in education. She continues to express her outlook on contemporary and western art through her work, based on personal experiences. She believes working with people and using individuals as a part of her work plays a big role in the development of growing as an artist and the art itself, hopefully creating an even bigger space for women like her within the scene. 

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